Institutional Activities

CASVA manages the reorganization, inventorying, cataloguing, digitization and promotion of the materials in its possession, as well as the on-line publication of catalogues on national and regional sites dedicated to the use of archival material ("Lombardia Beni Culturali" and "SIUSA").

CASVA periodically organizes guided tours of national and international events on specific topics, catering to an interested though not necessarily specialised audience. 

CASVA performs online and frontline specialist reference activities, enabling the consultation and reproduction (in accordance with Italian copyright law) of original documents.
Among its activities are the participation in associations, networks and partnerships, the organization of exhibitions, specialist editorial work (the production of catalogues, essays and miscellaneous publications) primarily aimed at the development of its own funds, the organization of meetings, study days and seminars, participation in studies and events organized within the context of the networks and associations with which it is partnered.