Fiorenzo Ramponi

We are only in possession of essential information on the professional biography of Fiorenzo Ramponi (1925-2009), because of his preference for working alone and his lack of professional exchanges with other contemporary architects. Of all his projects, only the restoration of the Fortress of Noale, which he presented together with Nanda Vigo at the 3rd Venice Biennale in 1985, was a collaboration. In addition, he never published.
However, he was passionate about his work, as demonstrated by the number of his projects (350) and impeccable technical drawings (6543).
The projects cover all of an architect’s traditional areas of expertise: architecture (residential, educational, industrial), installations (stands), interior design (store design), design (furniture design), restoration and conservation.
Of particular interest are the many years the architect spent involved in the restoration of buildings and monuments, including the early Romanesque Collegiate Church of San Vittore Martire in Bedero Valtravaglia, the Romanesque church of San Pietro in Brebbia (Varese), the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Alghero, the Carmine Sanctuary in Luino, the church of San Martino in Vergiate and the Sormani Andreani Villa in Brugherio. His restoration work in Milan includes the façade of the Palazzo Omenoni, the Lion Column in Piazza San Babila, the façade of the Palazzo Litta and the church of San Bernardino alle Ossa.