Fredi Drugman

Graduating in 1951 from the Politecnico of Milan, Fredi Drugman worked tirelessly as an architect and urban planner until the 1980s, taking part in the construction of entire neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Milan. The projects he was involved in included cooperative housing in Muggiò, Monza and Sesto San Giovanni, and the Badia district in Brescia for Ina Casa, designed in collaboration with Piero Bottoni and Lucio Stellari D'Angiolini.
 In the early 1980s his interest shifted to museum design, examining the architectural aspects, the territory and the public conception of the museum. Since 1984 he has held the chair in Exhibition and Museum Design and is the Director of Graduate Programmes at the Milan Politecnico. His projects for the museum and the library of the mountain town of Valchiavenna (1976-1983), the restructuring of the social and cultural centre of the Belvedere Villa in Macherio (1981-1986), the restoration of the Municipal Tower of Garlasco and external restoration of the shrine of the Madonna of Bozzole (1981-1994) are among his other significant projects.
The archive consists of an interesting graphic corpus of the architect’s professional activity between 1951 and 1994 (an estimated 126 architectural and urban planning projects). To this one must add his research, teaching and the political activities to form a coherent picture of the life and work of Fredi Drugman.